About Buff Platt


The great game of golf offers players of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of healthy physical activity in gorgeous outdoor environments while developing as a player through knowledge and training of technique, golf course management, physical conditioning, and attitude.

Golfers may embark on their lifetime of enjoyment and adventure at any age, however, most players benefit from getting an early start. 

Whatever age a player starts playing, it is advisable to begin with qualified instruction since it is far more enjoyable to start with proper technique rather than having to unlearn bad habits.

Buff aims to help each player develop an awareness of individual strengths and weaknesses that will enable the player to organize a "player development plan" for each important element of the golfing skill set. 

In the case of young players, parents and adult mentors often play a critical role in the player's development.

Buff believes success is achieved uniquely by each player depending on ability and commitment. 

Buff also believes that players of every ability and commitment level develop best when they are having fun and receiving appropriate instruction from a qualified golf professional.

Buff grew up in Santa Barbara where he started his golf career on local courses and played Santa Barbara Junior Golf.

He graduated college from S.M.U. in Dallas, Texas where he played under legendary teacher and golf coach Hank Haney. 

In 2001, Buff returned to Santa Barbara and started his golf teaching career working under the direction of Don Parson. 

Buff has helped develop numerous players of varying ages and abilities including several highly competitive junior and college players.

Buff is the lead instructor for The First Tee Central Coast at Twin Lakes Golf & Learning Center. Buff was recognized as the "Junior Golf Leader of the Year" for the Southern California PGA Northern Section in 2010.