Since I began playing the game at the age of 15, I have always been interested in optimizing performance through efficiency. The process involves evaluating one's abilities, identifying the weakest links, and improving them. It is a model that worked for me as a player and now as an instructor.
I believe that: 

  • Every person brings a unique mix of talents and abilities to their golf swing and it is my job to use those ingredients to create the most efficient swing possible.
  • There is no "BEST SWING" for everyone but "EACH PERSON" has a best swing for them.
  • Creating long term sustainable improvement requires that a specific routine be prescribed and followed.
  • To prescribe a routine I need to evaluate: 
  • How efficiently you currently swing the club
  • Your golf fitness level
  • How appropriate your current equipment is for you
  • Your knowledge and understanding of the swing
  • How these parameters interact to create your current swing and what we can do to help you be more efficient
  • Your commitment level to this process
  • The full swing is only one of many tools needed to play the game.
  • The short game and putting cannot be ignored in the quest for great ball striking if you want to be a successful competitive golfer.

I employ the latest technology and measurement techniques to make sure that we are accurately evaluating your golf game. I will work tirelessly to ensure that the prescription you are given will be based on what is best and most efficient for you, not the latest trend or fad.